Sidhu Pharma Labs Private Limited

SIDHU is the most promising contract manufacturing organization in the indian pharma industry that serves the pharmaceutical industry with comprehensive services from durg development through manufacturing.

The services offered by SIDHU include, outsourcing to a contract manufacturing services which allows the marketing companies to expand the technical resources without increase in overheads. Working with the CMS also limits marketing company's upfront capital investment for drug development, thus minimizing the project costs. It will also help the outsourcing companies to minimize their technical transfer of projects or products, hereby reducing unforeseen cost and potentially speeding new products in the market.

SIDHU has world class manufacturing facilities equippped with ultramodern plats and machineries for manufacturing various formulations in wide range of dosage forms, including, liquid syrups, nutraceuticals products.

SIDHU has appointed well Experienced Qualified and Competent Technical Personnel in various departments like Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Production, Personnel & Administration, Engineering & Warehouse.

Manufacturing - Plant

Sidhu Plant has been designed in year 2016 in 3800 square meters to manufacture Liquid Orals & Protein powders.